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Most competition in smallbore shooting is carried out by post. Teams shoot pre-marked targets within a given time period. The targets are witnessed and sent to a neutral scorer. Results are confirmed by post to the team captain or match secretary. Many shooters however, compete on the circuit of 'open' shoots around the country.  Details of these can be found on the NSRA and BPC web sites via our links.

Inter - County

The County fields teams in the NSRA's inter-county leagues and competitions. These are mostly postal, for rifle and pistol, and include women's and junior competitions. They are open to shooters who are resident in the County.

There are also opportunities to represent the county at the national championships for 10m rifle and pistol (Bisley-February), prone rifle (Scotland-July, Bisley - August), and pistol (Bisley - September). If you want to shoot for the county, then the Captains want to know. Contact us and we'll put you in touch.

Shooters who meet the criteria qualify for a certificate, a cloth, or gold-wire county badge. Click for details

.Internal competitions

Organisers in the County run the following competitions:


  • Prone (various distances)
  • Inter-club summer league Individual knockout
  • County Championships
  • 10m individual summer league
  • Sport
    • Individual summer league


  • 10m (air)
    • County champs
    • Individual league
    20yd (air/0.22LR)
    • Individual league
    25m (air)
    • County champs
  • 50m (0.22LR)
    • County champs


There are coaching schemes for most disciplines of target shooting.  However, except for beginners, there is no guarantee that shooters will have regular access to an instructor or coach.  Below is a summary of the situation for three categories of shooter.beginners

Most clubs have instructors and equipment for newcomers and make no charge for these.  Ask about this when you first visit. The early emphasis is on safety.  

Established shooters

Once you have completed the introductory phase you may want to improve your performance.  Clubs should have instructors or coaches who can help.  Ask! If there is no help available, contact us.

Shooters with higher aims

There is no structured progression from club to higher levels, but there are coaches and experienced shooters who are willing to help those with high aspirations who are willing to train. Some English regions and Home Countries have training squads with coaching programmes. For those of you in the West Midlands, contact the Regional Squad via our Links page.  For the rest, contact the NSRA via Links.

If you don't ask, you probably won't get it!

Potential instructors/coaches

Just as with shooters, there is a continual need to have new instructors and coaches. Courses are available for all levels of coach. For details of NSRA courses click here.
Courses are run on demand and may be outside of the county. Some courses are run at Bisley. In the first instance contact your county association.


Advice to beginners

If you know little or nothing of shooting:

  1. Contact the National Governing Bodies (go to links page) for information
  2. Decide what type of shooting you are interested in.
  3. Find your local club(s) - from this site or the NSRA's.
  4. Visit clubs and find out what they offer.
  5. Ask about instruction, competition, junior policy. Have-a-go at the club(s). Decide which club to join.
  6. Go for it!

If you know what form of shooting you want to do:

Go to 3, above


Buying any equipment before getting information from above!

Good luck with your endeavours