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Shooting disciplines

The sport of target shooting includes many types of activities. Shooting can take place with rifles, pistols, shotguns, crossbows, or longbows. Ammunition can be smallbore rimfire, full bore centre-fire, or pellets. The propellant can be either nitro powder or black (gun) powder, muzzle or breech loaded, air, or CO2. For each type of firearm there are several types of competition. It's a vast sport. The many type of target shooting events are often referred to as 'disciplines', because of the strict safety and competition rules. The Association covers several disciplines, some of which have international status up to Olympic level. All equipment uses small bore ammunition which is 0.22in (5.6mm) rimfire ammunition or 0.177in (4.5mm) airgun pellets.

Target Rifle

In the UK, most smallbore target rifle shooting is done from the prone (lying down) position at short range i.e. 15, 20, or 25yd, the latter being most common. Some clubs shoot 3-position i.e., prone, standing, and kneeling. Adjoining counties have ranges.

Shooting at 50yd, 50m, and 100yd takes place at a small number of clubs in and around the County. In Warwickshire there is one range where this is possible, outdoors. This is the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (MLAGB) ranges at Wedgnock, Warwick (Right).

Internationally, rifle shooting takes place at 50m in prone, standing, and kneeling positions with smallbore and 10m standing with air rifles. Some club offer 10m shooting.

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Sport Rifle

Many former cartridge pistol shooters took up this discipline. It is mostly shot standing, on pistol targets, using bolt-action or self-loading 0.22LR or air rifles with open, telescopic, or "Red Dot" sights. It is now fully established in the NSRA programme.

We enter teams in the Inter-County Leagues and Competitions.


Newly developing and suitable for those who find supporting a rifle difficult. It's shot sitting with a support under the fore end.


This carried out with 0.22LR single shot pistols at distances of 20yd and 50m (right) and with single and 5-shot pistols air pistols at 10m, 20yd, and 25m.

The County is responsible for all of these, from club to World Championships and Olympic Games.

There are County teams in 20yd and 10m pistol leagues and opportunities to shoot for the County in National Championships.

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