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Warwickshire Individual Summer League 2019

FINAL Results   20yd Pistol    10m Air Pistol  10m Air Rifle  20yd Sport Rifle

Prize list


NSRA Inter-County Leagues 2018-19   

& some estimated scores


Teams (Div)

Results for round

23 Apr 19

20yd Pistol

No comp

23 Apr 19

10m Air Pistol

A (2)

B (4)

C (6)


23 Apr 19

20yd Sport rifle

A (3)


23 Apr 19

10m Air Rifle

A (4)


23 Apr 19

25yd Prone rifle



Warwickshire County 10m Championships 2018

Shot within the Sutton Coldfield RPC 10m Champs, 8/9 Sep.  Leading results:

1 James Broome Sut        542
2 Iqbal Ubhi       Hen         534
3 Dave Stocks     Sut        530

Jr Scarlett Garner   Sut    512 1 entry

1 Zoe Perkin               8War        583.7
2 Marta Gomulicka    GEC          569.5
3 Brian Fentham         Sut           543.0   

Jr Zoe Perkin              8War        583.7    2 entries

Full results

Want to shoot for the county this year?  Too late.

Warwickshire Individual Summer League 2018

FINAL Results   20yd Pistol    10m Air Pistol  10m Air Rifle  20yd Sport Rifle

County 20yd Pistol team successes

In the NSRA Inter County season, the team-of-five, all from Sutton Coldfield RPC, won div 2 of the League and were runners-up in the Knock Out. 
Their badges were presented at the Club's annual dinner, in early May. 

County benchrest rifle workshop/forum.

This resulted from a meeting of our Development Action Group.  We were made aware the that some clubs were starting to think about it, but had little information and others had been shooting it for several years.  We came with an informal opportunity for member clubs to share and/or request information about equipment, rules, targets, technique, etc. 

It took place on 9 Apr, kindly hosted by the Old Sils RC, Solihull, and attended by 18 shooters from five affiliated Clubs and two others. Initial feedback is very positive. 

There's more to follow: prone rifle coaching, club coach course, scorers' course.  Watch your notice boards or contact us to register.

20yd pistol team in Inter-County KO final.

Shot in Feb.  Result: Runners up, beaten by 11 points by Oxfordshire.  

Henley shooters win medals in the 10m Inter Regional Match. 

Henley-in-Arden Members, Vicki, Amie, Iqbal, won medals at the event on 18 Dec 2016, shooting for our region, the West Midlands, one of five competing. 

Vicki    Ind 1st, team 1st
Amie     ,,   3rd    ,,    1st
Iqbal     ,,    1st    ,,    1st

County 10m pistol & rifle team success

Shot at Henley-in-Arden on  30 Apr, the team were runners-up in the NSRA Inter County Air Pistol Competition.  The team consisted of Kelton Aldridge, Michael Barnes, Catherine Broome, James Broome, and Mark Elliott.   Two reserves:  Amie miles, and Sue Watt shot alongside the team.   Witnessed by our 10m rifle captain Brian Fentham. 

The rifle team also were runners-up their competition.  Team was Raj Bharaj, Jake Brown, Paul Lowe, Steve Parrack, and Steve Rollins.  Witnessed by the pistol captain, Trevor Haynes.   Team for both comps came from Henley-in-Arden and Sutton Coldfield clubs.

A good end to the inter-county season.

County development meeting, Hockley Heath, 13 Mar 16 

Some 20 shooters, including representatives from five clubs and the Stratford on Avon Airgun League, met to look at where we are and and recommend some actions for the future.  The main weakness was considered to be communications and it was agreed that we form a development action group, of people with relevant skills. Watch this space and ask you club secretary for news.  If interested contact us, and let us have your views.